• New Poems (?!)

    I don’t write poems at the velocity I used to…or maybe I should say I don’t finish poems at the rate I used to, or talk about them as much as I used to. But I do spit one out here or there that seems worth sharing. Five in the last three years or so, […]

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  • Are octopi the most amazing animals? (We may have to wait ’til they tell us.)

    Prepare to have your mind blown re: octopi and other cephalopods. (Unless you’re already in the know.) Exhibit A is this article in Orion Magazine, which I read some time ago, and which knocked my brain on its ass with its central premise that octopi seem to think and experience things in a way that’s […]

  • Libertarianism vs Community? (Free Thoughts Podcast)

    In the debut episode of their Free Thoughts podcast, Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus from the Cato Institute do a really great job discussing (and debunking) the myth that libertarians are somehow anti-community. One thing I learned about: “thin” vs “thick” libertarianism. I’m apparently a “thick libertarian”—meaning I try to apply the principles of […]

  • Feeding a carrot to Golondrina

    It took me almost two weeks of trying in order to get a good “selfie” of me feeding a carrot to this neighborhood horse directly from my mouth. This is why I need a girlfriend.

  • Lake LA Porch Puppy and Mom Fundraiser

    As I mentioned recently, last week I helped rescue a mom dog and her 5 pups, who were living under the porch of an abandoned building in my town. Now we’re holding a fundraiser to get them all looked at by a vet, and get shots and microchips and spayed and neutered and the other stuff […]

  • Lake LA porch puppy rescue (VIDEO)

    I’ve been putting water and food out for the mom of these puppies since I discovered they were living under the porch of an abandoned building near downtown Lake Los Angeles. The situation is starting to heat up, and I’m connecting with rescue groups to get hopefully the mom and her puppies fostered and then put […]

  • Five Variations on “What They Saw”

    Here are 5 versions of a photo I took yesterday evening–which, unbeknownst to me at the time I was taking it, features a neighbor family that was standing atop the main butte in the photo. As I hoped (once I realized they had been up there in the pic), their silhouetted figures added a cool […]