• New Song – “Relentless”

    This new song isn’t for everyone–in fact, it may be just for me. :-) It’s a noisy, semi-heavy, mostly-instrumental track that I’m calling “Relentless”. (Technically “Relentless 7” because this is version #7 of the song.) Hope you enjoy it! (Though I’m not making any promises. ;-))

  • Song lyrics – “Scully”

    Now that The X-Files was revived for a special season, I realized my punk-ish just-for-fun song “Scully” might need to be slightly updated. I also realized it has a bunch of funny lines, but will probably never manifest into an actual finished song, at least under my non-musically-talented oversight. So I figured I’d just post it, so […]

  • Gary Johnson for President graphics

    I need to get back into the flow here, so I’m going to stop overthinking things and just start posting some stuff I’ve made. Here’s a couple graphics I made to promote Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign. Feel free to use or distribute them at will without attribution!

  • New Poems (?!)

    I don’t write poems at the velocity I used to…or maybe I should say I don’t finish poems at the rate I used to, or talk about them as much as I used to. But I do spit one out here or there that seems worth sharing. Five in the last three years or so, […]

  • Are octopi the most amazing animals? (We may have to wait ’til they tell us.)

    Prepare to have your mind blown re: octopi and other cephalopods. (Unless you’re already in the know.) Exhibit A is this article in Orion Magazine, which I read some time ago, and which knocked my brain on its ass with its central premise that octopi seem to think and experience things in a way that’s […]

  • Libertarianism vs Community? (Free Thoughts Podcast)

    In the debut episode of their Free Thoughts podcast, Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus from the Cato Institute do a really great job discussing (and debunking) the myth that libertarians are somehow anti-community. One thing I learned about: “thin” vs “thick” libertarianism. I’m apparently a “thick libertarian”—meaning I try to apply the principles of […]

  • Feeding a carrot to Golondrina

    It took me almost two weeks of trying in order to get a good “selfie” of me feeding a carrot to this neighborhood horse directly from my mouth. This is why I need a girlfriend.

  • Lake LA Porch Puppy and Mom Fundraiser

    As I mentioned recently, last week I helped rescue a mom dog and her 5 pups, who were living under the porch of an abandoned building in my town. Now we’re holding a fundraiser to get them all looked at by a vet, and get shots and microchips and spayed and neutered and the other stuff […]