“Dude…you ever notice that tree rings kinda look like grooves in a record?”

“Dude! Whoa…totally!”

(bong hit)

“Dude…what if we built a thing that would play slices of trees like they were records?”

“Man…’slices of trees’…that’s wild. Slices. Sliiicesss. Slices is a weird word, man! Slices!”

“Dude! The tree thing—the record player. Focus!”

“Oh yeah…yeah, I could totally build that. Sounds cool. No problemo, my man. Then we’ll slice some trees. Into sliiicccess.”


(bong hit)

That’s how I imagine the album Years-which is comprised of songs made by playing slices of trees on a specially-designed “record player”—was born, in Vienna Austria, in a dorm room, one would presume. (Note: I have no evidence that Bartholomäus Traubeck and his fictional college roommate above actually smoked pot when conceiving this album. No concrete evidence, at least.)

However it came about…dude, this is pretty cool! It totally does sound like tree slices played like records! It’s hard to explain, but whoa, you know? It’s like…

(bong hit)

Listen above or on the album’s Bandcamp page, where you can purchase it for as low as $9.55.)