This is a fun/scary compilation of people barely avoiding catastrophic accidents. Aside from just being a rush to watch, I feel like it must be carrying a message about life in there too. I’ve had a few moments like these in the video–including one where I was sliding backwards at 50 MPH on a snow-packed highway, with a mountain on the left and a drop off on the right, and two tractor trailers side-by-side coming down the highway toward me, with no way to stop or get out of the way. (Spoiler alert: I survived!) Not to mention that time a tree bashed my roof in (but not me and my pets).

I think we’ve all had moments where we missed being dealt a harsh blow by fate by just a second, or a minute (or in the case of the aforementioned roof, a few feet). Watch this video, subconsciously revisit the moments where fate (or luck or whatever you want to call it) has spared you, and take a second to be thankful you haven’t been crushed to death by a two-ton something-or-other lately.