Moose are, at least:

I don’t really understand the impulse that people have to try and separate animals from humans (even though of course, humans are animals). And I love that the Internet and modern technology is helping to tear that imaginary wall down.

Love, fun, parenting, friends & siblings, fear, happiness, sadness, preferences, desires, FUN…animals feel and have all these same things, just like humans do. Well, not just like humans do…but that’s called diversity, not inferiority.

In the future, the idea that animals are fundamentally different in terms of consciousness, feelings, and the collection of qualities we call “humanity” is going to be seen like racism is seen now. Namely: as a form of primitive bigotry, driven by fear, misunderstanding, and shallow, self-motivated pseudo-science.

I’m not sure I’ll live to see that day, but I’m 100% confident we’ll get there. (Standard caveat: if we don’t obliterate our own species first.)