I had a dream
It was a pretty boring one though
No major special effects
No strange changes of scenery
No flying, floating, or falling
Nothing was chasing me
I didn’t have an epiphany or
A meeting with God
Saw some old friends I haven’t talked to in a while
It was sort of a picnic, camping thing
Played soccer with some kid
I don’t know who
There was a table
And a woman in a wheelchair

And that morning
I resisted waking up
Kept wanting to stay in that dream
Because I wanted to unlock the
Mystery of the subconscious message
That it had for me
To stay snuggled in the comfort
The safe universe
That dreams can supply
Partly because
I didn’t really get a chance
To talk to my friends
And I’m not sure if I
Apologized sufficiently
To the woman in the wheelchair

But mostly
I wanted to go back
And back
And back again
Just to see
How the dream
Was going to end