In the debut episode of their Free Thoughts podcast, Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus from the Cato Institute do a really great job discussing (and debunking) the myth that libertarians are somehow anti-community.

One thing I learned about: “thin” vs “thick” libertarianism. I’m apparently a “thick libertarian”—meaning I try to apply the principles of libertarianism beyond the purely political realm. I hadn’t heard those terms before. 

It’s great stuff if you really want to understand libertarians better (rather than relying on news stories about Rand Paul and Ted Cruz)—or if you are a libertarian, and you want to delve into one of the most crucial areas that we should all be exploring. (A lot of what they talk about—the idea that if we solve problems outside of politics rather than through politics, we’d find we have a lot less cause to fight each other—is at the core of my Green Liberty concept.)