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In response to 9-11 attacks, U.S. Senate launches attack of its ownó on the 4th Amendment

"Those who would give up essential liberties
for a measure of security, deserve
neither liberty nor security."
- Benjamin Franklin

Franklin's words are as true today as they were back then. Read why here.

Rushed evening vote; Privacy Enemy #1: Orrin Hatch

News Articles about the siege on civil liberties that may be is coming:

Here are quotes from the hearings on the "Combating Terrorism Act of 2001', passed at 8:39 p.m. Thursday, less than one hour after introduction:

Senator Leahy (D-VT):

-"...why don't we say what we are doing here? We are going to amend our wiretap laws so we can look into anybody's computers."

-"I have talked with the Attorney General several times over the last few days. He hasn't told me that he needs this investigation."

-"I have spoken to the Director of the CIA. He has not requested that we suddenly turn the attention of the Senate to this legislation."

-"I haven't heard from the President that he wants to suddenly have them do a number of reports connected with this."

-"We do not define terrorism, but we say we are adding that. I guess some kid who is scaring you with his computer could be a terrorist and you could go through the kid's house, his parents' business or anything else under this language; it is that broad."

-"Somewhere we ought to ask ourselves: Do we totally ignore the normal ways of doing business in the Senate? If we do that, what is going to happen when we get down to the really difficult questions?

"Maybe the Senate wants to just go ahead and adopt new abilities to wiretap our citizens. Maybe they want to adopt new abilities to go into people's computers. Maybe that will make us feel safer. Maybe. And maybe what the terrorists have done made us a little bit less safe. Maybe they have increased Big Brother in this country."

Senator Levin (D-MI):

-"[Senator Leahy] has raised some important questions about making sure we take the time to know what we are doing. We are not going to have that time tonight. That is obvious."


-"I want to be clear on one point: We are not adding terrorism to make sure we are covered. We are applying these new standards to all criminal activity, not just terrorism."

Senator Reid (D-NV):

-"I hope we can get rid of this amendment at the earliest possible date."

Did your Senator vote for this rushed, poorly-worded, and dangerous bill? Yes.
Stay tuned to for updates and action items relating to this new legislation.

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