I hired an assistant recently. Though when you’re talking about me, “assistant” doesn’t quite cover the reality of it. The actual job title is “Super-Assistant/Web Apprentice”, and here’s just a taste of the nearly-600-word ad I wrote for it:

“I am a freelance writer/editor/web site guy/social entrepreneur/activist who is also a burgeoning filmmaker/author/musician and more…

…If you can survive a year with me, you will know how to start and run your own business or non-profit, how to get in the newspaper or on national radio, how to create a movie (and a video production company) from scratch, how to make music, write a novel, launch a website, run a podcast, get a grant or venture capital or a sponsor, and at least 50 other skills that you can use to pursue your own ambitions. I will do everything in my power to make this the most challenging and rewarding job you’ve ever had.”

So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m getting ambitious again. :-) And my new assistant Kevin and I have been drawing up lists and charts and plans aplenty. (And a mind map that raises serious questions about the mind it is trying to map.)

I’m finally putting my money where my mouth has been for lo these many years, and I have just three things to say about it:

Look out, world!
Look out, Kevin!
Look out, me!

This column is featured in The Simplifier #5.2.