This short film by Reggie Schickel explains, in a most creative fashion, how the book Atlas Shrugged impacted his views and changed his life. The film won the Atlas Shrugged Video Contest held by the Ayn Rand Institute, and it’s easy to see why it won. It’s super-inventive, really well-stated, inspirational, and real.

With the release of Part 1 of the Atlas Shrugged movie set for April 15th, fans of the book finally have something “new” from Ayn Rand to be excited about. In the meantime, fans and non-fans alike can groove on this cool video by Reggie.

If you’ve been waiting for something to push you over the edge to finally read (or to re-read) this legendary novel, here you go:

(I wrote about how Atlas Shrugged inspired me a few years ago, when the movie project was showing a lot of promise.)