(You may be too young to recognize the reference in the title of this post. If so–here, let me Google that for you.)

I have a lot of Facebook pages.

I’m a guy with a lot of projects, and due to limitations on my time and resources, many of them are mostly lying in wait. As I’ve written in a past column, I had a period several years back where I put way too many things on my plate, and I burned out and had to drop most of them and just focus on being happy and healthy. But I’ve been prepping for a comeback ever since, and that day is getting closer and closer.

In the meantime, I’ve been carefully stoking the embers of lots of projects-to-be. Soon I’ll have an assistant, and will be able to start re-growing my empire. Then I’ll get another assistant, and another, and a partner, and then more assistants, and more partners…MUHAHAHA!!!!

Oops–did I just go into my taking-over-the-world voice? Sorry about that.

Anyway…here are Facebook pages for some of my brewing projects. I’d appreciate it a lot if you’d get in on the ground floor by “Like”-ing any that seem interesting to you. Then, when my dark reign finally begins, you’ll be one of the lucky ones who are spared my wrath, MUHAHAHA! Er, I mean, you’ll get updates about my projects as soon as they’re available.

(My reign will actually be quite peaceful. You don’t need to like my FB pages in order to be safe. Though obviously, it couldn’t hurt.)

So, here you go…like me. Really–like me!

Freelance Lance

Perhaps the most active of my pages–the official FB page for my freelance web site building/Internet consulting business.

Website (under construction) | Facebook page


Green Liberty

Green Liberty is dedicated to finding a path to the future that combines “green” values with libertarian principles (a.k.a., the ultimate win-win scenario).

Website | Facebook page


Lance Magazine

A fun pet project that will become the epicenter of all things Lance. It’s an attempt to create a container that can actually hold me. (Yeah, I know…good luck with that, right?)

Website (under construction) | Facebook page

American Dreaming

My soon-to-be-launched political talk program. Just gonna bring the old political paradigm to a crashing halt, and start a new dawn of unity and positive solutions. No biggie.

Website (under construction) | Facebook page

One Minute of Nature

“Bringing you back to nature – one minute at a time.” Short videos of calming and beautiful nature, for those who can’t seem to get there in person.

Website | Facebook page

The Free School on the Internet

A project that aims to create a free K-12 school system independent of the government-run public school system.

Website (under construction) | Facebook page


The Little Things

My recently-revived web comic.

Website | Facebook page