Music I’ve Created

I’m still not ready to call myself a musician—I don’t know how to play any instruments, for starters—but I’m creating music nonetheless.

I’m just at the baby stage of what will be an ongoing growth experiment for the next many years (or decades). But I’ve produced a few things that I think could have listening value or potentially be useful in the world. The other 99% of what I’m working on is in the pre-public stages now—a.k.a., mostly waiting for me to actually learn music and/or an instrument. Until then…


Instrumentals/backing tracks


(Currently unassigned) “theme music” and small things

This is older and more primitive, made with a drum machine program many years ago:


Music I’m Working On

I’ll add info about some of the (60 or so?) songs I’m currently brewing up in this space as they become suitable for public exposure.


Music I Like

This will get more in-depth eventually, but for now here are a couple screenshots of the top 80 bands in my music library:

I’ve recently re-energized my music library with over 200 new albums (~5000 songs) from all over the music spectrum, so the music I like is undergoing a serious reshuffling lately.

I’m still furiously expanding my music library—suggest some music for me!