This is a very short audio snippet that turned up in my recent voice recording mining session. It’s me discovering a cool set of settings on my new-at-the-time Casio keyboard (a WK-210 model, for what it’s worth). It might be interesting if you like cool sounds, or if you want an inside look at me talking to myself. And if you have a Casio with these settings available to you, then you at home can re-create the magic and build on what I stumbled into.

keyboard – cool settings – soft vibe and trance – F-E-D

I’m probably going to be leaking larger things from my recordings archives, but this is a good starter tidbit. Unlike most of my recordings, I managed to get out of this one before I could mess it up or make myself look bad somehow. And the sound I found is very cool IMO; it’s definitely in my queue of samples for if/when I decide to start a dance revolution, or DJ at Burning Man or something.