"Bus Poem" first draft
“Bus Poem” first draft

I don’t write poems at the velocity I used to…or maybe I should say I don’t finish poems at the rate I used to, or talk about them as much as I used to. But I do spit one out here or there that seems worth sharing. Five in the last three years or so, as it turns out.

That’s counting this week’s addition, “Bus Poem”, which was written a couple months ago aboard a certain mass transportation vehicle which shall remain unnamed (except in the title of the poem, and in the poem itself).

Another recent addition is “Dragon Remote Microphoem”, which, if I’m being generous, I would call a wry commentary on modern technology and its impact on art and communication. (If I’m not being generous, I would say it’s a ridiculous joke of a “poem” that was composed in the most unglamorous circumstances one could imagine. (Hint: there are three words in the middle of the poem that are three different misinterpretations of the same word, said word providing the clue to said circumstances.)) The title borrows from the voice recognition tool I used to dictate the poem (specifically, Dragon Remote Microphone).

The only other new poem that I’ve posted since moving to Southern California in 2011 is “Cooking Monster”, which may or may not stand the test of time in terms of staying published on the site. So get it while you can, I guess? (It survives so far largely because I continue to enjoy the phrase “information burks my head”.)

In case your own head has been burked by those monkikerfel poems, you can clear it out with one of my shortest and simplest poems (and one of the last that I wrote before leaving life in the woods of Northern Cali), “Slow Squirrel”:


What’s up, slow squirrel?

Oh, now you’re fast.

I thought you were just going to stand there

While I walked past.


(That’s the whole thing.)


And it’d be unfair if I didn’t mention “Spaces”, which is really the only other poem from this recent era*, and which is probably my favorite of this batch. (*“Umm…” doesn’t really deserve a full mention.)

Those, and the rest of my poems from the last 25 years, can be found here on my Poems page. (And on the right side of any individual poem’s page.)