Dana ScullyNow that The X-Files was revived for a special season, I realized my punk-ish just-for-fun song “Scully” might need to be slightly updated. I also realized it has a bunch of funny lines, but will probably never manifest into an actual finished song, at least under my non-musically-talented oversight. So I figured I’d just post it, so the random X-Files fan can maybe get a couple chuckles, rather than having it just sit in my Songs file doing nothing. So here it is.

And if there’s a talented band of geeks out there who likes it enough to want to put it to music, be my guest. I’d love to hear it. :-) (Please let me know about it if you do!) I can hear it in my head just fine, but my hands have no idea how to deliver that into the world.

by Lance Brown

I been watching an X-Files marathon
At 9 seasons, that show went on way too long
But one thing, justifies the hours spent
Dana Katherine Scully, federal agent!

She’s my FBI fantasy
She’s the redhead of last century
She was a medical doctor
Oh how I wish I could Fox her

She was only supposed to be Mulder’s sidekick
That was until we got a chance to see her high kick (“Season 5!”)
She’ll pull out her gun and use it without fail
She even shot her partner just to keep him out of jail

That only made me want her more
(As if I could want her any more)

She’s a master of microscopy
Always there with a biopsy
Oh, why can’t they make a carbon copy
Please, can she do my autopsy?

Red hair, always in a tight style
Don’t see it much, but she has a nice smile
In the lab, I’d love to be her monkey
I’m a wild theory, I think she should debunk me

I want to abduct Agent Scully
Please let me implant Agent Scully
It’s not a crime, because I love her fully
I want to Fox Agent Scully!

I want to Fox her so hard
I want to Fox her so long
I only wish she existed
So she could hear this song

In an alien goo pod
Questioning her faith in God
Almost killed by a bee
Please investigate me!

That episode with the tattoo
I don’t know what I’m gonna do
If the world were more fair
Scully, Scully would be out there!

Ain’t that the truth [alt: Now that’s the truth]


Copyright © 2010 Lance Brown, some rights reserved. (Let’s talk.)