I have a pretty absurd amount of Twitter accounts at this point. Most of them are dormant–accounts I started tentatively, in association with a project that I have planned (or that is nominally underway). Having dealt ad nauseam with the frustration of searching for domain names and finding them taken, I have become pretty aggressive in staking out usernames and other official addresses for projects I have a vested interest in. (I have nearly as many inactive Facebook Pages as I do Twitter accounts–probably almost a couple dozen of each.)

I do have a few Twitter accounts that are actually doing something as of this writing, and I figure it was time to get them together and start promoting them. I will add new accounts as they become active enough to justify doing so.

I’m subdividing myself into these various channels because I recognize that different folks are going to be interested in different aspects of what I’m doing or saying or putting out there. It goes both ways, really…I don’t expect that people who have an interest in just one of my niches will necessarily find the other things I’m doing all that compelling. And I also don’t think all the people who follow my main personal tweets want to deal with playing receiver to every single thing I put out into the world. They already deal with an awful lot of random output from me.

So here’s the breakdown. Please follow whatever accounts you think will be of value to you. (Click on the account name to visit the profile page and follow it.) I look forward to seeing you there!

@FreelanceLance – Lance Brown

This is my first and main account. Despite the username being drawn from my business name “Freelance Lance”, these tweets aren’t official business.  They are so not official anything that I can’t really advise you of what to expect. I’m not a one-note, “value provider” type tweeter, who is obsessed with getting followers and retweets. Or I should say I am obsessed with those things, but I’ve adjusted to the fact that my best bet is to just do what feels right for me, and the rest will come when it does.

The result is that I will say almost any damn thing on my Twitter account, and am known to veer in many directions. But I try to always be entertaining, informative, or thought-provoking. At my best, I’m all three.

@1minuteofnature – One Minute of Nature

This would be a good account to follow for your health. One Minute of Nature aims to calm your harried mind. OneMinuteofNature.com is a site that is gathering short videos of soothing and otherwise fascinating nature footage from individuals all around the world. (Once I figure out the submission process, that is.) The slogan is “Bringing you back to nature, one minute at a time.”

It’s a newer project of mine–though, like a lot of my stuff, it has been percolating for some time now. I finally have videos up, and the site and Twitter account both are not shamefully incomplete anymore. (Great promo, eh?) And the YouTube channel is fairly stylin’, actually. The Twitter feed will consist mostly of links to new short nature videos, as they are posted. Follow and retweet…unless you hate nature!

@FreeWPAdvice – Free WP Advice

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with the awesome website software WordPress since it first came out in 2003. I fell in love then, and have only fallen deeper with each year since. Now, WordPress is the hottest thing since pepperoni pizza, and I’m kind of an elder statesman of people who’ve been using it. So I know it pretty well.

The FreeWPAdvice Twitter account is part of my effort to give back to the WordPress community, and to help others get to know and love the software that has become one the true foundations of the modern Web. Ask and you shall receive free WordPress advice. I’ve been planning on more coordinated stuff, like a day-long workshop or something, but I need to get some followers on this account first. I’ll be doing mini-tutorials via tweets in the meantime.

@jokesonreince – Reince Priebus Jokes

The official Twitter account of America’s greatest hope for childish ridicule, ReincePriebusJokes.com. I still can’t fully articulate to myself why I started this site and Twitter account compiling jokes about the oddly-named RNC Chair, but there it is. It’s quite an array of humor…I’m not sure there are many other topics that have had such a wide variety of different kinds of jokes made about it, especially in such a short time.

Eventually, most or all of these various Reince Priebus jokes–of which there are hundreds, or more–will be catalogued on the site (which as of this writing is crushing the Google results for “reince priebus jokes” ;-)). A couplefew hundred  have already been posted at that Twitter account. At this point, expect a few more a day, unless Reince Priebus hits the news some more (or the site hits the news). There may be a contest or voting down the road as well. (There probably will be.) Priebus!

Honorable Mention:

@ActivistStories – Activist Stories

This is the Twitter account for my planned podcast, Activist Stories. It will be a series of very personal interviews with activists of all sorts. From one activist to another, I aim to dig in deep and find out why we activists are the way we are, and why we do what we do. Both the Twitter account and website for this are skeletal right now, but Activist Stories is on my 2011 mindmap, so progress will be made on it this year. If it sounds interesting to you, you can get in on the ground floor by following now. (If you pass, don’t come complaining to me years from now, when we’re all rolling in billions of dollars from the Activist Stories IPO and you aren’t.)

The active ones above are featured in a widget in my sidebar too now, in case you aren’t ready to take the plunge yet.